Caution: Saying "I KNOW" may be harmful to your growth

The words we choose matters. They matter a lot. Choose wisely. We have to be careful about definite statements. Whatever we say constantly will be true for us.

Let's explore the " I KNOW"

I KNOW implies you have already acquired the knowledge of something. "I know how to drive a car"

"I know how to speak in front of an audience"

"I know what I want"

We also use I KNOW in other ways

"I know I can't do _______"

"I know it's impossible"

"I know what's going to happen"

There are studies that tell us we only experience a fraction of what's actually happening in our lives. Let's look at life in terms of computer data. In every second there are millions of bits of data surrounding us. We observe less than 20 bits of it. That's what we are experiencing with our 5 senses. There's all this life happening around us we're not able to experience.

EXPLAIN Our minds are a funny thing. We only experience what we can connect with. Our minds wants to understand what is happening. If there's something happening that it can't connect with, It will ignore it. As if it didn't exist. There's so much data out there. Our minds uses a system to filter through information it believes is relevant to us.

HOW DOES IT KNOW WHAT'S RELEVANT TO US? Our minds use our belief systems to filter data. We will see whatever we can reasonable accept. If our belief system says "I KNOW life is a struggle" Your mind will only show you struggle. It won't waste your time showing you examples of how life is easy. It doesn't fit in your belief system (paradigm). If you "KNOW" life is joyful, Your mind will keep your attention on everything that is joyful.




The truth is we don't know. At least we don't know the big picture. We only know what we think we know. Be open to new ways of thinking. Accept that we don't have all the answers. If we did "KNOW", We wouldn't be seeking anything. We wouldn't feel like we were missing something. Maybe we don't have all the answers.

I LOVE SAYING I DON'T KNOW. It's my favorite thing to say. Every time I say it, I'm allowing the right information to come to me. I'm open to all possibilities that are for my highest and best good. "I DON'T KNOW" can set you free!

Let's change the language we choose to use. Let go of "I know" Embrace "I am open to new and all possibilities"


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