Focus on your purpose. Replace what isn't serving you any longer


    I've mentioned in previous posts that my healing took leaps and bounds forward when I decided to be 100% responsible for everything in my life. EVERYTHING! I am the creator of my life. Quite literally. I accept all the blessings as well as the challenges. If there is something in my awareness that's creating unease within me, I must accept on some level I've created it. I cannot change what's going on in the world. I can only change how I feel about it. That's what causes stress and anxiety. It's not the events of life that make us sick, it's how we choose to respond to them. The moment we label something good or bad, we tell our body to produce the chemicals inside to create the feelings that match the intended emotions. Every time you react to the injustices you see on your Facebook feed, understand that you are activating the stress chemicals within you. That's the cause of your unease. It's your choice to respond to something.

I used to respond to EVERYTHING! The more terrible I felt about something, the more passionate I thought I was. What was I thinking? lol. I came to understand why I was so reactive. I didn't have the structure I needed to filter out what was important in my life and what wasn’t. I reacted to everything. I also didn't know how to let go of things or people. Maybe I had a fear of not being loved or not being enough. Who knows? Who cares? The WHY isn't important to me anymore.

I've come to understand that I'm here for a reason. We all are. Each of us has something special about us that can only be expressed in our unique way. We are here to serve others through this talent we have. There's an audience ready to experience our special way of doing things. We'll never realize our potential if we neglect it. If we make excuses like " I don't have time”, "I’m too old", "I’m too young", " what if I fail". It's all garbage talk. I know. I've said all those things. Focus on what you want in life. Not what you don't want. Not what someone says you should want. The one question I ask myself when I'm making decisions in my life is " Does this serve my purpose?" If the answer is yes, then I do it. I don't always prefer waking up at 4am for my morning walk. I don't always prefer sharing my intimate thoughts with social media. I do it because it serves me. I try not to engage in gossip and negative conversations. It doesn't serve me. it stimulates the stress hormones. It just means more I'll have to clean on later. NO THANK YOU! You'll find that things won't trigger you as much anymore. Your purpose won't allow you to waste your time on things that don't serve who you are becoming.

You have a big vision for your future. You are meant to serve the world. Deep down you know this. Don't let your big vision intimidate you from taking the first step. Commit to taking one action that will move you an inch closer toward your vision. The rest will be shown to you. The universe is ready to give you that big dream of yours. It just wants to know you are ready. Your actions will prove if you are ready.

Change may come with some unease. That's its nature. Use the Ho'oponopono mantra to clean on anything that bubbles up to your awareness.


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