FREE MASTERCLASS: The Ancient Hawaiian Healing Practice, HO'OPONOPONO


SEPTEMBER 5TH 2021  HO’ OPONOPONO masterclass

Location: Tampa Bay, FL (in person event)

Learn HO’ OPONOPONO principles and techniques
-how to release energy that no longer serves us
-how to connect to divine inspiration
-Using CLEANING tools that help us come back to clarity


Breathwork exercises
-HA Breathwork
-4/8 Breathwork
-Breath of Fire

Guided meditations
-Inner Child Meditation
-Chakra Clearing
-My Perfect Day Meditation

Energy healing
-Learn how to connect to the healing frequencies to help facilitate healings in ourselves and others

And more….

This is a special event.

Learn the tools to not only find peace and balance in these trying times, but learn how you can overcome the old self and find abundance in all areas of your life.

Please message me if you’re interested or know someone who’s interested in attending .

I look forward to seeing everyone!

Feel free to explore the website to learn more about

HO' OPONOPONO and Reconnective healing.

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