Have an attitude of gratitude



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 Everything we want in life are on the higher frequencies of JOY, COMPASSION, LOVE, GRATITUDE. All we have to do is tune into that frequency to receive.

Think of this like a television. If there is a show we want to watch, we select the channel it’s playing on. We’re telling the television to tune into the frequency that show is playing.

It’s the same with us. If we want to experience something in life, we tune into that frequency.

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The universe doesn’t respond to our requests based on what we say. It connects through our frequency (another way to say frequency is our constant state of emotions). The universe assumes whatever we think and feel the most, we must want. Otherwise why would we keep thinking about it? It can’t grasp the concepts of thinking of the past or worrying about the future. These are human constructs. The universe works in the present. In the NOW. It also can’t differentiate the difference between the outside world and what’s going on within us. It only knows how we constantly feel. That’s our frequency.

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So, feel good NOW. The longer you keep that frequency, the faster things will come to you. We can all find reasons to be grateful. Even if we must dig deep for it. Engulf yourself in the feelings of gratitude.

Use the HO’oponopono techniques to help release us from the lower frequencies we may still be tethered to.





Practice this every day and you will see magic in your life.

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