I have a dream in my soul that won't let me go


Can you imagine a world where everyone actively pursues their dreams? Each person is focused on the huge vision they have for THEMSELVES. There would be no more conflicts. We would finally MIND our own business. We would rather be busy making the life of our dreams, than worrying about what someone else is doing with their lives. Everything we do uses our energy. Why would we use our energy to worry about what someone else is doing? Why are we imposing our point of views on others? Why wouldn’t we instead use that energy for our highest and best good? Each of us are the creators of our own universe. We should focus on our own path. We have big dreams. Let’s use our energy for that dream. Wherever we invest our energy on will manifest. It must. It always does.


We just choose to put our energy on things that don’t serve us.

It’s time to stop with our old thinking ways that haven’t served us. Let’s let go any of those beliefs we have that do nothing for us. It’s great to hold your beliefs close to you. I’d only suggest you ask yourself this question “How do my beliefs serve me?” If you’re holding On to beliefs that are not moving you forward, why are they still your beliefs?

I have a huge vision for myself. Every cell in my body sings when I think about it. That’s the feeling I want to always have. In fact, if I want that dream, I’ll have to start feeling that way NOW. Then it will come. So, let’s be more selective on the thoughts we choose to entertain. We need to keep that vibration high.

Thank you I love you I’m sorry Please forgive me

I forgive mySELF


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