It's cleaning day! Let's clear our any beliefs that no longer serve us.


I believe there are no limits for us if we stay focused on these three points.

LOVE YOURSELF- This seems like an obvious one. However, we tend to not make this a priority. Of course, we must love ourselves. We should be showering ourselves with unconditional love every moment of the day. It's up to us to set our own standards of what we deserve. We shouldn't put the burden on others to decide how much love we should experience.
BE 100% RESPONSIBLE- I've made a choice to accept 100% responsibility for everything that touches my awareness. If there is something that is creating unease within me, I must ask myself "what is happening inside of me that is being triggered by what I'm seeing". The better question is "what is happening inside me that has brought this to my awareness". We've been led to believe the outside world is the cause of our pain. IT IS NOT! It's how we react to the world that is the cause of our misery. We cannot control the world. We can only control how we feel.
    CLEAR AWAY NEGATIVE THINKING- Part of being 100% responsible is to constantly be aware of the emotions that surface to our awareness. How do you feel moment by moment? Is this feeling you're experiencing being triggered by an event that is happening in the present moment, or are you being triggered by a thought from the past or future? The only thing that matters is what is happening in the NOW. "CLEAN" on anything that isn't moving you forward in life.


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    We allow our minds to run away from us because we don't confront the thoughts that are causing our pain. It's so much easier in the moment to ignore the feelings and hide them away. They are still with us. They just don't go away because we ignore them. We have to address them and let them go. CLEAN ON EVERYTHING So today is Sunday! For many of us, it's the day we spend cleaning up around the house and getting organized.



    I'm here to help. I'm available today to help clean with you. if you have something you want to clean on, either PM or comment below (after all. your data is my data too). *Please don't post your personal business for everyone to see. Simply type YES or something similar. All I need is your permission to clean with you.

    The only thing I ask for in return is for you to post a comment on my page if something good comes out of this cleaning. If something happens that addresses your concerns, you have new insight, you're feeling different, anything. It's important we share our success stories with others.

    Let's clear out all the trash that's sinking up our lives.

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    Thank you
    I love you
    Please forgive me
    I'm sorry

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