Life isn't complicated. LOVE LOVE LOVE and repeat


  We’ve all heard the term LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. It’s a basic principle of the Law of attraction. It basically states; you bring into your life what you think, believe, feel.

When we say “I hate this”, “I hate my job”, “I don’t like that” , “this makes me angry” , we’re unconsciously sending messages to the universal energy to bring more of those things into our lives. Protect your thoughts like you would protect your body. You would never walk on to a busy street and say, “can someone please harm me”. Our negative thinking is the same thing. Whatever thoughts and feelings persist within us, will eventually manifest in our lives.

The key is to keep a high vibration if we can. We do this by keeping higher thoughts in our minds. LOVE is a high vibration. Isn’t LOVE why we work so hard? Isn’t LOVE why we make sacrifices? We love ourselves and our families so much, we work hard to provide for them. We LOVE so much; we want to give them opportunities we weren’t afforded.


So, the key is to not focus on our struggles to provide. Instead focus on WHY we are working so hard. That’s how we shift our perspective. Stop thinking about your discomforts in the present. Think about all the things that will be realized as a result of your discomforts.

Temporary unease today, means freedom tomorrow.

When we take the perspective of LOVE, things seem effortless. What once seemed like a mountain to climb, now feels like a brisk walk in the park.

That’s what LOVE will do for us.


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