LOVE is the currency of the universe


The universe doesn’t care how much we have in the bank, what kind of car we drive, where we live. Maybe that’s important to us. Not the universe.

Our emotions are the universe's currency. Higher emotions like LOVE, GRATITUDE, FORGIVENESS, JOY have the highest value. If we have to compare these virtues to money, then these are the paper currencies we carry around.

Emotions like HATE, ANGER, RESENTMENT, JEALOUSY are the coin currencies.

Let’s say we want something to manifest in our lives. In order to receive our request, we have to offer up emotional currency to the universe. Which virtues do you think will get us what we want faster?

We may believe we are abundant because we're carrying around all this coin currency (hate, anger, resentment, jealousy) What is it really doing for us? It’s heavy, weighing us down and holds little value. LET'S LET THEM GO!

Let's exchange our lower emotions for LOVE. Feeling resentful and angry is hard work. The payout is worth your efforts. I promise.

When those low energy emotions rise to your awareness, simply say THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU and release them. The more we release, the more we can accept love into our lives.

I encourage everyone to share my posts. We all know someone who should be hearing this today.

Bless you all I’m here to serve you


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