LOVE is who we are


We can't always control what people say about us. Why would we want to anyway? That's too much work. NO THANK YOU!

Let's be honest, there isn't anything someone can say to us that hurts more than what we tell ourselves. We are by far our harshest critic. We can always choose to walk away from the negative critics. There's no walking away from ourselves. Inevitably the voice becomes louder and meaner if we ignore it. Compound that with what social conditioning has taught us

" suck it up and move on " "you don't have time to deal with these feelings" " Get it together and stop whining"` It's a wonder we have any self-esteem left. For whatever reason we've accepted this. I guess it's because everyone else was doing it too.

Here's the happy ending to our story. We are all waking up to our truth. We now know in order to change what's happening in our outer world, we must first change what's happening inside us. Everything we see in our world is just a reflection of how we feel inside. It's our emotions that guide us through life. If we feel joy, by our nature, we'll look for things to be joyful about. If we constantly feel bad about ourselves, it’s likely we'll find things that will support it. These emotions help form our paradigm.

Our paradigm is the filter through which we see the world. CHANGE YOUR PARADIGM, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

We've been given the gift to hit the reset button on our lives whenever we choose. Let's begin to fill our hearts with so much love, that it overflows on to others. Love ourselves so much, we no longer seek validation. Be patient as well. These limiting beliefs have been with us for some time. It may take a little time to find our way.

We may need some help turning things around. The old beliefs may not leave quietly. It may resist a little at first. Keep going.

Ho'oponopono has been my guide to clearing these beliefs. When a limiting belief bubbles up to my awareness, I simply say the Ho'oponopono mantra. It stops the thought right away. I return to my center. I encourage everyone to find their way.

Focus on your inner care and you’ll experience significant shifts in your life.

Look, we're "human" 😉. We may have thoughts that are not always for our highest and best good. That's okay. Just don't stay in that mind set.

Love isn't something we seek out. LOVE IS WHO WE ARE!


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