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The Secret Mirror by Dr. Joe Vitale

Why do I believe loving yourself first is so important? Weren't we taught putting yourself first above all else is selfish?

Allow me to offer you my perspective.



What is one of the things we hear from a flight attendant on every flight during the safety announcements? Flight attendant will always tell you to put your mask on FIRST if the cabin loses pressure, then assist others. You see, if you haven't secured your own self, you won't be able to help others. How can you offer something to someone, when you don't have it to give? How can you give love, when you're lacking love? FILL YOURSELF WITH LOVE FIRST. You'll be able to give so much more to others this way.

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Isn't the responsibility to feel loved our own? Don't we can make ourselves happy? Why are we looking elsewhere for it anyway? I have some news for you. If you can't make yourself happy, no one can. It starts with you! Why would we go into any kind of relationship looking for the other people to complete us? We can do that ourselves. We get into relationships to grow, not feel complete. We are already complete and perfect.


This is my biggest reason for loving myself first. HOW I FEEL INSIDE OF ME WILL BE REFLECTED OUTSIDE. If I feel lack inside of me, the world will show me lack. If I have a low self-worth, the universe will bring people in my life to support that feeling. If you want someone to love you unconditionally, you must know what unconditional love feels like first. Let's stop holding people to a higher standard than we have for ourselves.

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 We are beautiful spiritual beings. We are whole. We are perfect. What is not perfect is the programming inside of us that says otherwise. All we need to do is " CLEAN" those programs(beliefs) that say we are less than, we lack, we NEED someone to make us whole. When you clean long enough, you begin to hear that TRUE SELF speak from within you. That voice will tell you the truth about yourself. The truth is you can be anything you want. That voice will offer you inspired actions to make anything you want to happen. I promise. That voice is your true self. Not that garbage programming that says you're not enough.

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Love yourself enough to clean away anything that is not YOU!

I know YOU

I love YOU

Now it's time to have a beautiful romance with yourself.

The Secret Mirror by Dr. Joe Vitale


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