Money is not evil. Money is just energy. The way we think about money is evil

Money is not bad. Money is not good. It’s just energy. We know that the laws of the universe say whatever you place your focus on the most, will manifest itself. If you persist long enough, it must happen. The only reason why you don’t have that THING you want in your life is because on a subconscious level you don’t believe you can have it yet. Change will happen when your desire for something new is stronger than your desire to hold on to the past.

YOUR PERSISTENCE is the command to the universe to bring in more things to you. Because you’re ready. The universe wants to give you everything you’ve asked for. But you keep changing your mind. First you said “I want money to take care of all my needs forever.” Then you followed up with a barrage of thoughts that say “how can that happen”, “I’m not lucky “, “maybe it happens to other people, but not me” etc......... Blah blah blah whatever you constantly think about will happen. If you keep your eye on the prize, it will come. If you keep thinking about how much LACK you have, get ready for more lack. An abundance of lack.

Prime your mind for success! You want money? Then celebrate it. Think about all the great things this money will bring to you and others. How does it feel to be financially secured? What does it feel like to walk into a store knowing you can buy anything you want? GET EMOTIONAL ABOUT IT. Imagine the day you look at your bank account and realize you have enough money to never have to answer to anyone again. Pretty powerful feeling, right? That’s what we have to do to get those things we want or want to be. We must step into the shoes of that person who already has it. Who already knows what it feels like to be that thing?

Stay in this state of mind and watch how magical your life becomes. CLEAN on any nonsense program within you that tells you can’t do this. YOU CAN 💯.

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