What do we all have in common? LOVE


 I believe at our core we are all just a spark of divine energy trying to find our way back home. It doesn't matter what path we choose for ourselves. They all lead to the same place. All that matters are we will eventually be together celebrating our journey.

Aren't we all talking about the same thing? The language we use to express it isn't important. Our creator doesn't listen to our words. Our creator sees what's in our hearts. Begin to fill your heart with unconditional love and you will find the path that's right for YOU.

I wish for the day where we no longer must keep up the unnecessary barriers that separate us. Instead, we celebrate each other and learn from our unique experiences.

I questioned whether to post this. I did quite a bit of "cleaning" in order to get clear.

I usually post on this page when I'm inspired. I never question what comes through. I questioned this one. I allowed myself to get caught in my old programs. My old stories. "what if it's received wrong?" "what if my intent isn't clear"

But then divine inspiration reminded me who follows this page. You are all beautiful souls, doing your part to change the world. Of course, the message will come through to each of you in a way that's for your highest and best good. So, I let go and let God.



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