If you can believe it, you can see it

 I’ve decided to post this picture to show everyone that if YOU CAN BELIEVE IT, YOU WILL SEE IT.

Real change in my life came when I finally said “ENOUGH”

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My health wasn’t the only thing that dramatically improved. I’ve found fulfillment in all areas of my life. You’ll often hear me say my life is magic. I enjoy deeply connected relationships with my friends and family. I have a level of financial freedom I never thought possible. I’ve reconnected with my spirituality.

How did I do it? I realized I’ve been holding on to some emotions that weren’t serving me. I kept looking to the outside world to find answers to my problems. I didn’t understand at the time that I was the one holding myself back.

So, what do I mean by that?

I would often complain about my jobs. Every time I would pursue a new career or find a job that paid me more money, I’d find some reason not to pursue it. I’d say to myself “you don’t qualify for that job” “why even try. you won’t get it” “what will happen if it doesn’t work out”

Same was true in my relationships “why even bother. You know it’s going to end badly” “everyone is out for themselves”

 Don’t get me started with what I’ve said about my weight.

I realized that these were just stories I told myself or it was a story I accepted from others. The problem is I heard it so often, it became a program. A habit. A way of life. Real change happened when I started to challenge all those beliefs. I haven’t looked back.

HO’oponopono has been my guide to releasing these limiting beliefs. It has given me clarity to see who I really am and my potential.

Healing ourselves is the most SELFLESS thing we could do. The healthier we become, the more we can serve others. There are people in our lives watching what we do. They are afraid to take the leap forward in their lives. Our successes give them permission to pursue their gifts and goals.

Imagine a world full of people truly living the life of their dreams. This is my wish for you. This is my wish for all of us.

Have faith in yourself. Magic will follow.

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