Distance (ZOOM video calls) are available

In Person: Riverview, Florida (Tampa Bay)


HO' OPONOPONO coaching session is a life coaching program that focuses on healing ourselves through the principles and tools provided by the Hawaiian healing practice HO' OPONOPONO.

My perspective is simple.

We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. In other words, we are perfect. 

You may know someone who believes they are "BROKEN". How can they be broken? They are a child of this creation.

My job as a HO' OPONOPONO coach is to educate you on this healing practice, teach you how to apply it in your life, and help you realize that you are limitless.

While I allow my inner guidance to decide how each session will go, I typically have a 3 modality approach to my coaching sessions.

My job is to help you let go of  the DATA that is in your subconscious mind that may no longer be serving you. This is the process to healing and taking control of our lives. We must find daily practices that help us let go of the old stories we carry about ourselves.

"I'm not good enough"

"I'm too old"

"what if i fail"

"what will others say about me?"

the list goes on. It's these mental statements that keep us from moving forward. Learn how to let go of these energies and you will become limitless.

Here are my three (generally speaking) approaches to letting go of the data within us.


1.HO' OPONOPONO: You'll learn how a therapist from a Hawaiian state hospital, in charge of the therapy of the criminally insane healed them all , without actually working with them professionally. HO' OPONOPONO reminds us that we can shift our reality, moment by moment. We can live through the direction of divine inspiration. It's our birthright. 

2. BREATHWORK: We know that memories, traumas are stored in the body. It's connected to our nervous system. Breathwork is another tool to help us let go of the energies that are stored in the body. You'll learn daily practices, breathwork techniques to help with anxiety, elevate your mood instantly. You'll even learn how to get high on your own supply. :)

3.MEDITATION: The subconscious mind doesn't communicate in the spoken form. It speaks in emotions and symbols. You'll learn meditations that will help you communicate with your subconscious mind, relax your body, you'll learn how to quiet the mind, visualize a better future.


You are reading this page for a reason. There are no such things as coincidences. They are synchronicities. Perhaps the old approach to "fixing" yourself isn't serving you anymore. Maybe you're guided to search for something more. 

It is an honor to join you in this part of your journey to higher consciousness.

Please feel free to watch some of my videos. They are great learning tools. They'll also help you better connect with my perspective.

Distance (ZOOM video calls) are available
In Person: Tampa Bay, Florida 

Blessings everyone,

Dimitris Bitros


Reconnective Foundational Healing Practitioner