Please do not feed the fear


Fear is nothing more than an illusion. Albeit a pretty convincing one.

  FEAR has cost me money, happiness and relationships.

  I wouldn’t pursue my passion for FEAR of failure.

  I guarded myself in my relationships for FEAR of being hurt.

  I wouldn’t speak my truth for FEAR of being ridiculed.

  I gave up a lot for fear. What did I get in return?



  What are you getting out of your relationship with fear? For      many of us, it’s comfortable. It’s familiar. That’s all.


 Isn’t that what we really want? We want to grow. We want to  grow into the highest expression of who we are. That’s our nature.


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 I’m speaking to you today through my posts on social media. It gives me so much joy to connect with all of you in this way. But  my growth demands that I expand from these posts to something more. To connect with more people. To help others realize their potential on a much larger scale. FEAR will not give me this opportunity.


 Let’s start letting go of the things that no longer serve who we are becoming.

 See fear for what it really is. It’s the playground bully in school.   It likes to push people down. The moment you comfort them, they quiver and run away. Don’t fall for the facade.

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Life can be whatever you want it to be. Create the vision of your future today. Take the actions each day that will shift you in the right direction. I went to a Tony Robbins event a couple of months ago. He said make choices each day that will shift you 2mm at a time (I’m paraphrasing. You can look up the exact quote.) A week, month, year from now, you’ll be in a completely different place.

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This has been true for me. Significant change doesn’t have to take a long time. Don’t believe that crap! If you follow my posts, you might have seen the one where I talk about my journey to rediscovery. The image I posted was from June 2018. Less than a year ago. Everything about my life has changed since then. I did it by focusing on what I can do today, to make my tomorrow a little better. That’s all. Make constant movements forward. Your momentum will propel you to your vision.

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Be patient, be kind and have faith in yourself.

It is my honor to serve you




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How to Love Yourself: 15 Tips for Developing Self Love

Free Gift #1: 7 Sacred Signs From The Universe




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