Your Karma is paid in full. Go be who you were meant to me



Just because things didn't work out for you before, doesn’t mean it won't work out this time. If you truly desire something in your life, it will come. It must. May I offer up my perspective? it may help you in your journey.


Your desires cannot infringe on someone’s free will. You can't force someone to do something or be something.

You must be clear on what you want (not what you don't want). People will often say ” I don't want to be broke” or ” I don't want to date another jerk” You have to envision what you do want. ”I always have enough money to do what my heart desires”. ” I enjoy deep, loving relationships” Choose your words carefully.


The “Magical” Science Behind The Law of Attraction

It helps when what you want will benefit others as well. Not just yourself. So, if you desire money, think about how this newfound money will help your family, charities. Think about how you may serve others as a result of receiving this money. Perhaps you’ll use some of the money to learn a skill that will help others and yourself. Make it a win-win situation for all.

You’ll have to commit to changing your way of thinking. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE! All the good things in life are on the higher vibrations like


You can choose to stay in the lower vibrations like HATE, ANGER, GOSSIP, JUDGEMENT. Understand all you are going to get in return is what's in those vibrations.

When I say the word KARMA, I'm talking about all the beliefs and emotions that are inside you. They seem to repeat events in your life. They repeat because you haven't moved away from the vibration that's causing the problem. You haven't made the choice to look at that part of your life differently.

 It's called the Awakened Millionaire Academy. This link will take you to a video of Dr. Joe Vitale talking about the program. Like he always says; EXPECT MIRACLES


Example: let's say you believe you're unlucky in love. You seem to attract the same kind of person. It always ends badly. At some point you'll have to ask yourself” what part of this is my responsibility?” how can I look at this differently”?

My healing took leaps and bounds forward when I accepted 100 % responsibility for everything in my life. I accepted that I carried some emotions that weren't serving me. They were holding me back from becoming who I was meant to be. I don't know why those things kept happening. I don't care why. I just know I want to cleanse myself of them and move forward.


Ho’oponopono is one of the tools I use to clear out any energies that are holding me back. I no longer respond to the triggers within me. The point is to not allow yourself to base your decisions on erratic emotions. Instead, be so clear minded, you easily allow the answers to come through that are for your highest and best good.

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It is at this point of clarity; you can build a life that is based on your desired future and not fall victim to repeating past events. Divine inspiration will guide you. You are here on earth today to becoming the highest expression of who you are. When you live your life at your highest level, you become a game changer. People look at you in admiration. They see that things are possible for them. They see that they don't have to do what most people are doing. They allow themselves to find their own path. All because they see you!


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You have a big responsibility. You owe it to yourself and others to be free from the lower energies that have been keeping you from realizing who you really are.




The Secret Mirror by Dr. Joe Vitale.


It's called the Awakened Millionaire Academy. This link will take you to a video of Dr. Joe Vitale talking about the program. Like he always says; EXPECT MIRACLES 


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