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 Healing the past and empowering one's future


HO'OPONOPONO is a Hawaiian practice that translates to: "to correct an error". I coach my clients in private and group coaching sessions every week. As part of the coaching, we'll experience breathwork, meditation and energy healing as well as other spiritual modalities. By working with teachings of Ho'oponopono you'll learn how to let go of resentment, guilt and fear. You'll also receive tools for self-development, including action steps and journaling.

The beautiful thing with Ho'oponopono is that it can be applied with any kind of problem. So any things that are bothering you we'll work on clearing using the Ho'oponopono tools and techniques. I'll help you to clear away any emotional problems connected to trauma, abuse and stress. I'm able to see what happened for you during your life time which might cause any kind of emotional problems you're experiencing now. Then together we'll start to clear away

Using Ho`oponopono I am able to help you with: -

Loss and grief - Envy and jealousy

-Health and habits

-Fear of the future 

-Sexual misconduct

-Parenting skills

- Other personal issues, may apply.

The most powerful tool is the process of contemplation because it enables one to be inwardly aware. With this awareness, I am able to help heal old wounds, release suppressed emotions, restore healthy patterns of thinking.


In person sessions (Riverview, FL)

ZOOM Video 

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