Spiritual Coaching Session

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Facilitator: Dimitris Bitros

Location: Both in person (Ruskin, FL) or Via ZOOM Video call

Duration: First session is between 2- 2 1/2 hours

How many participants: Between 1-3 may join the session



Welcome to our spiritual coaching page, where we offer a range of services to help you achieve spiritual growth and inner peace. Our services include ho’ oponopono coaching, breathwork, meditation sessions, Reconnective healing and other energy healing modalities. Each of these practices has its unique benefits, and we’re here to help you explore and embrace them.


Welcome to your first spiritual coaching session with Dimitris! We are excited to take you on a journey of healing and transformation. In this private session, you will experience an introduction to the powerful healing practice of ho’oponopono, followed by a 45-minute deep breathwork session designed to release any negative emotions and promote relaxation. You will then be guided through a meditation to help you connect with your inner wisdom and intuition. Finally, you will receive an energy healing session to help restore balance and harmony to your energy system. This session can last between 2 and a half hours, and up to three people are allowed to participate. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with Dimitris!

Also included in this package: An Introduction to An Awakened Life Course

  • 23 videos guiding you through the HO' OPONOPONO healing practice
  • 4 powerful paradigm shifting meditations
  • Lifetime updates
  • guided support through your journey


Ho' oponopono:

Ho’ oponopono is a Hawaiian practice that aims to heal relationships with oneself and others. It involves four phrases: “I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “Thank you,” and “I love you.” Our ho’ oponopono coaching sessions help you understand and apply this practice to your daily life. The benefits of ho’ oponopono coaching include improved relationships, increased self-awareness, and a sense of inner peace.



Breathwork involves conscious breathing techniques that help release emotional and physical tension. Our breathwork sessions are designed to help you regulate your breathing and connect with your body’s natural rhythms. The benefits of breathwork include reduced stress and anxiety, improved emotional balance, and increased energy levels.

 Meditation sessions:

Meditation sessions are a powerful tool for achieving inner peace and mindfulness. Our guided meditation sessions help you cultivate a daily meditation practice and learn to quiet your mind. The benefits of meditation include reduced stress, increased focus, and improved emotional regulation.


Reconnective Healing:


Reconnective Healing – a powerful form of energy healing that has been changing lives for over two decades. Unlike other healing modalities, Reconnective Healing accesses a comprehensive form of cosmic energy that helps to restore balance and promote healing in the mind, body and spirit. If you're looking for a way to feel more connected, energized and empowered, then this is the perfect solution!


At our spiritual coaching page, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve spiritual growth and inner peace. Whether you’re looking to heal relationships, release emotional tension, or cultivate a daily meditation practice, we’re here to support you on your journey. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your spiritual goals.


  • Introduction to HO' OPONOPONO self healing practice
  • Deep breathwork designed to release negative programming and trauma
  • Guided Chakra meditation
  • Reconnective Healing session
  • Digital Download HO' OPONOPONO video course
  • Up to 2 1/2 hour session
  • Up to three people may participate 

PRICE: $222